SUI FOXES - a collection of 3333 uniq foxes

SUI FOXES :fox_face: is a collection of 3333 uniq foxes on SuiNetwork blockchain.
Sui Foxes NFTs its not only collectibles NFTs. We are creating unique tools for community interaction and profit for our holders in the near future. Sui Foxes NFTs have a mint Supply 3333 NFTs with utility “Stake to Earn”. We will use a Integrated NFT Launchpad with Sui Network on a Mainnet.

Sui Foxes official links

Sui Foxes Twitter

Sui Foxes Discord

Sui Foxes Crew3

Sui Foxes Testnet Mint


Guys and girls! Please write your thoughts on the SUI FOXES collection. Do you like it? Have you minted a fox?