Sui forum. Will the activity on the forum bring profit

I think activity on the Sui forum will count towards the retrodrop.

At the moment, this is not an obvious activity that is performed by the smallest percentage of Sui users. This can be seen in the number of badges that users have collected.

Now for us, as for people who learned about the existence of the forum before others, there is an opportunity to become an early bird in this activity.

Let’s go active!


I think yes, you can take the new info here

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Well, you are so straightforward :slight_smile: Besides, the team said multiple times there are no plans for any drops! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah Cool! Sui go forward!

Paraswap also said so.

No, activity on this forum, and being early on this forum, will not lead to any airdrops or any other incentives. This is a developer forum intended for developers to ask questions and aid each other in regards to developing in Move / on Sui.

Non-developers will not benefit from this forum.

Will there be a drop for a node in the testnet?

Yes, the testnet is incentivized. Validator node operators will be rewarded.

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Let’s go to work!
Good luck all user!

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