Sui capy ai an amazing sui ai nft tool to make unique nfts

I really enjoy using sui capy ai because as i understand the next evolution in nfts is AI as like chat gpt and other ai tools i really enjoy using capy ai because everyone wants to create their own nft in the way or which type they wanna make their own nfts and thats what the capy ai had made easier to make them because in capy ai you can type you exact imagination image type and Ai will generate a new image that will be kind of or similar style that you wanted and thats best way to just create of own nfts the way and type you want to create unique nfts
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Yes its stylish/ AI perfectly understands background changes


I like this game, especially wearing Capys in different clothes and breed them, tried in devnet and testnet. After created a beatiful AI pictures with them


I 100% agree with what Rajendra said.
Sui Cappy is dope af

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