Sui Bunnies NFT

  • Official project name: Sui Bunnies

  • Detailed project description: SuiBunnies is an NFT collection of randomly generated bunnies stored on the Sui blockchain. Their goal is to invade the blockchain and spread their community. The team’s priority is to create a solid and sustainable foundation for the future efforts of the Sui Bunnies project. Strengthening the structural foundation of the Sui Bunnies project with a strategic and thoughtful roadmap will open up many future opportunities to further reward NFT holders in the long/short term.

  • Team:
    1.Zer0x - Founder - He has been working in a financial company for about 4 years. Long time Crypto and NFT investor.
    2.Literally - Community Manager - He has been working as a Community Manager in NFT projects for about 2 years. And you actually know this person very well.
    3.Vortex - Collab Manager - He has been working as Collab Manager in NFT and crypto projects for about 2 years. main area is ETH ecosystem
    4.Horrnet- Developer - He has been working for 3 years in a company as a Software Developer. And he is part of a very hardworking community.

  • Mint Details:
    Supply: 5000 NFT
    Mint date: TBA
    Launchpad: Bluemove

  • My feedback: the project has every chance of success, just look at these cute bunnies :heart_eyes:

  • Link to project:


This bunny looks cute, have you launched anywhere during Wave2? I have not see it

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Yes, I share your opinion on this.

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Yes, bunnies are really cute. During the Wave 2 testnet, this collection was launched on the Bluemove launchpad.