Staketab - staking provider

Staketab is a staking provider that champions credibility, individual approach and immediate expansion of new cryptos offered by the market. You will never be missed in huge dozens of crypto updates. We are refining the most profitable options for you and launching corresponding staking services, block explorers and data aggregators. Join us and enjoy staking profits! Also Staketab created an excellent dashboard view of the Sui network in real time. View metrics including transactions, coins, validators, and NFTs on any currently running Sui network. And it came with a Sui Builder Hero Award Winner.
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For some reason, this article does not address the risks. The author did not write that you can lose part of your funds or even all the funds. The author only describes how you can earn - it’s wrong :point_up:


What risks are you talking about? Slashing? Or something else? Because slashing isn’t a topic that has been widely discussed on Sui yet.

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The protocol can be hacked

From what I can tell, Staketab is a non-custodial staking provider. You simply delegate your stake to their nodes. Even if they get hacked, you are safe, just withdraw/redelegate your stake.