Squid Factory the first Decentralized reverse auction NFT marketplace

Project Description

Squid Factory is the first Decentralized reverse auction NFT marketplace that provides a gamified experience for users while addressing market failures in the NFT space. Buyers can purchase valuable NFTs for at least a 90% discount or more while sellers can create additional liquidity streams above the floor price of their NFTs. Liquid Factory auction mechanism is fully decentralized and built on one-of-a-kind technology, encrypting bidding values on Sui Network. Using Move Language.

Squid Factory has 7 interesting key features and we need to explore more, you can read them below:

AUCTIONS STYLE Gamified auction-style NFT marketplace, benefiting both buyer and seller
BENEFITS Increased liquidity for NFT holders, particularly in bear markets
ZERO RISK Zero-risk participation for sellers, minimized risk for bidders
OPPORTUNITY Opportunity to acquire NFTs with at least a 90% discount.
INCENTIVES Squid Factory tokenomics format, incentivizing participation on the platform.
REWARDS Staking rewards for all token holders.
ALLOCATIONS Booster List opportunities leading up to Creation Week, multiplying token reward allocation.

And of the many key features explained, I am interested in point 4 which shows an opportunity for all participants where they can have the opportunity to get discounts of up to 90% And it’s really very fun and like a very interesting Auctions game,.So which of the key features do you think got you interested in this project? also please share your feedback for the squid factory team below!

Team Contact & Project Link
During weekly AMA Twitter space they explained some of their vision and about their team, Squid Factory founded by Rostov Zelemov and 5 other teams who were former defi developers and the nft sector, I think it’s very interesting because of how the team can develop and build more Squid Factory with a great team experience, you can contact Rostov Zelemov just asking or collaborating between projects on Discord or Telegram, And I’m sure they will be very open to you and eager to respond to you:
• Telegram Contact : @RostoZelemov
• Discord Contact : squid_factory#6219
and some details about the link project are provided below, you can access some important reference links below
• website : https://squidfactory.xyz
• Twitter : https://twitter.com/squid_faxtory

Some links are also available on their official website, you can visit for more details such as docs, github and other references link


Reverse action NFT marketplace? Will check it out