Sorca The First Decentralized Finance On Sui Network

Introduction to sorca DeFi The First Decentralized Finance Protocol on Sui Network

What is Sorca ?
Sorca is an aggregate Lending & Borrowing protocol. The protocol is fully decentralized and open-source on the Sui Network (devnet)

Since the recent trend on sui network (devnet) has been focused on YEILD farming most of new Dapps build on sui are farming platforms which connect others platform or just simply fork from other chain. The ecosystem of sui is essentially lack of Lending & Borrowing choices.

The vision of sorca is to aggregate different protocols to optimize Lending APY to users; to lend and borrow from sorca users will do it through vaults, each vault has different strategy and connects to different protocol to earn profit. The purpose of this is within an asset lenders will have many choices of where to deposit their asset.

In the early stage, sorca aims to help users borrow SUI & Stable Token on Sui Network at low borrow interest rates and earn rewards from their collateral at the same time.

Genesis vaults are vaults in which assets are not deposited to any other platforms or smart contracts. The main reason is that assets deposited to other platforms are subject to risks and changes of the other platforms. The downside of the Genesis vault is its probably low APY; however, Genesis offers low transaction fees and safety of capital

:necktie: FOUNDER : DEVA
:necktie: CEO : JUSTIN & FERRY
:necktie: CMO : VINA zz.

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:calling: TELEGRAM/DISCORD CONTACT : @devathesorca / sorcaxyz#8467

you can also join the community to ask about details, if you have additional information about SORCA you can comment below


I think sorca borrow & lend platform is the best in my opinion, besides I don’t think there is a borrow and lending protocol yet on the Sui network, I hope Sorca will more develop🥳 I really like it, by the way They have release a major update and I see some of the features are working normally, I think the UI is much better than its initially


I just saw it, and I really think it’s better👏

They have major updates after tesnet wave 2😱