SNS is a community-run identity protocol on the Sui blockchain. Secure your .sui domain and join the SNS DAO

  • Sui Name Service ($SNS)
  • At the $SNS, the team seek to build a community-owned Sui Name Service that will act as your digital identity for crypto gaming services and products, or as they like to call it - Gmail for Crypto Gaming. Right now, they’re starting out as a name service for Sui, but our goal is to create an eco-system of products on Sui that you can access via your web browser by the “.sui” top-level domain - each “.sui” registration will control its equivalent “.sui” TLD as well.
  • Anthony - Founder & CEO (
  • Link to project GitHub profile
  • Discord Sui Name Service



Everyone knows about sui name service, it a very good and interesting project, welcome to the community @doctorwho7


Thank you! I like this project so much

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One of the popular projects on sui i like. Great :+1:

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The project brought a huge number of followers in a short time, and they liked it.
The project team is very active and has great marketing plans
have a professionale website


I’d like to see this happening in the mainnet! LFG! :saluting_face:

Great project! I like this, follow it!

my sns disappeared after getting few of em using dev faucet

Really good and popular project for SUI domain names.

That said I can’t help but wonder which one of, SuiNS,io and is going to be the most popular…

Right now I have only been able to successfully register a name with on both devnet and testnet. The other two projects returned errors all the time…

I like this project so much

Here for SNS. Let’s revolutionize domain naming system on SUI together, LFM :muscle:

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Thank you! I like this project so much


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