SNS - Sui Name Service. This project has very active & friendly community building on SUI blockchain. As it’s seen from the name - it arranges names for wallet addresses within SUI ecosystem. But that is not all the mission. As it’s stated be developers:

"Our company currently has three main goals
(1): Identity — Every “.SUI” domain will have an NFT. This NFT will have properties that will make it available as a profile as well.
(2): Infrastructure — Every “.SUI” domain will eventually control its equivalent web2 domain DNS.
(3): Products — Every “.SUI” domain will be able to serve as a placeholder for any SUI public address. This will make a wide-range of applications, available with usernames — think SUI Messaging, Social Media, etc.

These goals make our service able to integrate with practically any application on Sui, without including too many integration-specific details that makes our project not portable to other areas of Sui, or games."

So, I believe this project definitely deserves to get on your RADAR.


Indeed good project & very active community!


A fairly high-quality project, I took the domain there

Hey, like the idea, are there any services already available right now liek this?

Congratulation, this is good project in the world