SeaPad - Launchpad & Defi on Sui network

The DAO launchpad platform on Sui Network that helps bring creative projects to life.

Discord: SeaPad
Link tree: seapad |


I really love what seapad is building for sui Blockchain it will be very huge for the future


I am sure that SeaPad will fully reveal its potential with the release to the mainnet and will take its rightful place in the sui ecosystem.

SeaPad’s DAO committee and verification mechanism are unique and critical features that make the platform more inclusive, diverse, and transparent. It ensures that only high-quality projects get listed, which adds value to the crypto ecosystem. Moreover, this approach is in line with the web3 and DeFi world’s values, promoting decentralization, transparency, and inclusiveness. SeaPad’s DAO committee is an excellent example of how the web3 and crypto world can democratize finance and technology.

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