Quask | Infrastructure

Quask (https://www.quask.xyz) is a Q&A system based on Web3.0 SocialFi social network, committed to creating a high-quality knowledge sharing, knowledge payment platform.

Paying for knowledge, users obtain professional advices or answers from professionals.

Inside, users can authenticate as celebrities, answer questions from other users and earn revenue and Quask tokens.

Quask function:
Questioning: To ask a question and be staking Doge.
Answering: To answer the question and get paid.
Listening: Pay Quask Token and listen to the Q&A.
Helper: Helping answer and get paid.

Business Logic


Asking questions,stake project tokens as a reward and gaining 50% of the listening share.


Answering the questions and gaining 90% of the project tokens pledged by the questioner and 50% of the listening share.


Listening/Following interested content and paying 1 project token each time as listening fee.

Multi-Chain Application

Quask will enter the “multi-chain era” where applications will be deployed on multiple chains.


  1. Can you provide more details about the Quask infrastructure and how it works?
  2. What are the benefits of using Quask for building decentralized applications?
  3. Can you share some examples of real-world use cases where Quask has been implemented successfully?
  4. How does Quask differ from other blockchain infrastructures, such as Ethereum or Polkadot?
  5. What are the current challenges that Quask is facing, and how are you planning to address them?
  6. How does the governance model of Quask work, and how are decisions made about the future development of the infrastructure?
  7. Can you explain the role of the SUI token in the Quask ecosystem, and how it is used by developers and users?
  8. What is the roadmap for the future development of Quask, and what new features or improvements can we expect to see in the coming months and years?
  9. How can developers get started with building applications on Quask, and what resources are available to help them?
  10. What is your vision for the future of decentralized infrastructure, and how do you see Quask contributing to this vision?