Polymedia Chat for sui fans

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Polymedia Chat
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Web3 still relies heavily on Web2 social platforms, so I decided to build Polymedia Chat to bring the Sui community together, on-chain. Join the [main chat] to meet other early adopters, or create your own chat room.
I’m [@juzybits], the human behind Polymedia. I have been obsessed with crypto/web3 since 2017, and now I dedicate myself to this space full-time. Previously I worked as a software engineer for a decade, building e-commerce and social media platforms.
My feedback: Cool game where sui fans can chat with each other
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I like to text on Polymedia Chat, I never noticed bugs or lags there. Team did a good job

Nice. I hope this will expand in future

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Yes, great chat, guys, well done as always :ok_hand:

Thank you for adding Polymedia Chat! :slight_smile: