Peeranha - Decentralized questions and answers website

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Peeranha is a fully decentralized protocol with questions and answers, that helps your community with structured knowledge

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I personally enjoy the practicality of this project :100:


Great I personally want to use it :robot:

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But I think it has other creative possibilities

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Something like a form ?



I think peeranha is old project seems so I heard it sounds familiar😅

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Hm, looks interesting :face_with_monocle:

Peeranha is a useful project! with great ammissions and a future!!!

It’s strange I don’t know if this project will useful in Web3 or not !? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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peeranha has a great future, the platform can be used for “learn and earn”, can reward active users and content creators in the future!

I like this project!)

Good project, but need more attention to design

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I liked the idea of this project :v:


this project caught my attention and i should to work with it ! is it work fo now ???

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I also like this project idea :clap:

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Why not ! wait for it, Give them time to show their true projects action …

looks fresh :thinking: hope this website will help us to gt more about Web3