OSCAN • OBJECT SCAN The Sui Network Explorer

The Best Explorer in Sui Network Community, let’s peel deeper about OSCAN.

Introduction & Project Description ?
OSCAN is the blockchain explorer for Sui Network Blockchain, which aims to be the most comprehensive and powerful explorer for users in Sui Ecosystem
OSCAN key features are as follows

Full Dimension of DA

  • Primary data of all history: raw data from Indexer.
  • Current state: shows the latest state of the blockchain.
  • State changes: easy to backtrack every step of chain changes
  • Charts and Stats: detailed statistics of market data, network data, and contract data.

Cover All Aspects Of Sui Network Blockchain

  • Blockchain(Transactions, Blocks, NS)
  • Assets(Sui & Tokens): Native SUI assets and other token standards, tokens for NFT.
  • Validator performance statistics all over history, convenient for stakers to pick up the best ones.

Team Behind
OBJECT SCAN Developed by 4 core teams mostly Dev engineers, they aim to provide infrastructure for community and ecosystem,
with Xi Cha Pae as the founder, and 3 other teams they are optimistic that they can provide sui network explorer to provide comfort, especially for the community

Offcials Link

Team Contact

  • CONTACT TEAM (DISCORD): objectscan#1672
  • CONTACT TEAM (TELEGRAM): @objectscan
  • CONTACT TEAM (MAIL): objectscan384@gmail.com

what is your opinion about OSCAN, and do you think it is important in the future and has a big impact on the ecosystem? Please Vote Below

  • Yes of course !
  • Need More Development

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Удачи разработчикам. Думаю проект будет полезен для Sui


A good project is very interesting.

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