ONSEA The First DEX Aggregator Build On Sui Network (prev. seaswap)

About ONSEA (prev. seaswap)

onsea is a simple, privacy-centered swap interface designed to streamline the token swapping experience into a single app. Fetching data from all the major AMM on sui network, onsea finds the best quote quickly without any of the extra bloat of a complicated swap interface.

onsea was also designed with privacy and analytics in mind. Many Dapps now track wallet addresses and other data, which can be a big violation of privacy. onsea does not collect wallet addresses, browser fingerprints, or any other kind of tracking data and uses AMM APIs directly, bypassing any interfaces that may contain tracking software.

To become a part of the community, join the onsea Discord server where you can report bugs, get all the latest announcements and updates, and chat with other cool sui network community users.

onsea was created without any intention of ever being profitable or being monetized, so contributions are much appreciated!


STEP 1 : you need to install your favorite wallet extension, because onsea uses multiple wallet connections so you can choose several wallets that you like to connect to onsea like a sui wallet, suiet wallet , martian wallet or some sui wallets that support the sui network!

STEP 2 :
You can press the switch button to trade connected global routers and internal routers, before making sure you have enough sui (DEVNET) before you do it! you can request some sui in the DEVNET-FAUCET sui discord channel! after you make sure you have enough to try, you can press the available token option button on the swap bar, You can also tick the few routers you want to connect to in this case and set the slippage you want.

STEP 3 : congarts! you have succeeded in this and you just pressed the swap button to successfully perform or test ONSEA, apart from that you can also try the limit order feature or some of the available features like referrals etc. good luck!

P.S :

Trading is risky! Onsea is not responsible for any trading losses or financial losses while using the app. DYOR before buying any token or making any trade to avoid getting rekt. Onsea is beta software and may contain bugs. Bug reports in the onsea Discord server are appreciated!

as you can read before, created without any intention of ever being profitable or being monetized, when we interviewed the team they said that they had applied for Grants or some official Sui funding several times so that they could be on the Sui network during the mainnet, they said “we consist of 4 core teams who have experience in each side, but there are some things that might hinder development, of course during mainnet, that’s what y That’s what we’re worried about, we have to work to get some sui to get some sui to do it, if we don’t get it we will fail and can’t Running day 1 sui mainnet ! no bullshit but this is something we really think about, and of course we don’t want to lose community”

You can press the like or repply button to give some support or feedback to support Onsea, continue to grow and be in the Sui ecosystem circle to continue to build a greats ecosystem in the web3 era, of course in the sui network. and we have permission to write some details about the team name, project details and some information we need to write here so we hope you can support ONSEA by joining their community!



ONSEA OFFICIALS SITE : https://onsea.xyz
ONSEA OFFICIALS TWITTER https://twitter.com/seaswapro
ONSEA VERIFIED LINK3 : onsea | Link3.to
ONSEA CONTACT SUPPORT : suiswapspace@gmail.com


Wow, you guys are super cool! :boom:

Dex with a very greats appearance🥴 even they provide such detailed features, I can’t imagine that almost all features are implemented in detail, to be honest I really appreciation , greats work ONSEA team👏


basically you are on another network version and of course it detects the metamask!

you can switch to sui devnet network

Wow, looks cool. Awesome Ui too

How to connect SUI?
always pops up metamask

Why is Metamask even offered in app if the only networks offered are Sui Testnet and Sui Devnet?

Post restored. We don’t ignore warnings here.

it’s possible that they’re fixing the contract bridge migration, but I’ll try to confirm it to the Dev, Are they under maintenance or is there an accessible sub app for devnet now, let me confirm first