On my twitter event SUI about Capy art

My picture from special box of Capy event. You can breed and add accessary to Capy for that event.
Come to join us about this event of Capy art. I will be waitting your friend for funny with me.


Beatifull, hope wa all get SUI Airdrop :heart_eyes:


wow… so nice capy~ christmas

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hello, hay are you?
my name is Anton

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Good Capy! I also have one!
Little_mouse on Twitter: “@SuiNetwork @SuiFoundation @mysten_labs Cheetah: I used to be an ugly a nameless little Capy which no-one came to look at in sui-market’s store. But now I’m like a Christmas tree I’m like in my dream so handsome, happy… as you can see. #CapyHolidays https://t.co/zpUqQiL1y9” / Twitter

I’m Meaw, Nice to meet you.

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