OmniBTC (omnichain) financial platform

Official project name :
OmniBTC (omnichain)

Detailed project description :
The first decentralized omnichain financial platform. Now focus on Sui and Aptos.

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yes it is amazing project :star_struck:

good idea, i think that need to eco

yes true I agree :+1:

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I also worked with this project and enjoyed it, it worked well


I already worked with this project, enjoyed it :yum:

Iā€™m waiting for the project to be released on Mainnet.

Used this project, in general, there were good impressions. However, there were a couple of errors during the test, so you reminded me that I need to test the platform again to get a complete picture.

Thank you, my friend, I will definitely use it

I believe that your project introduces new technologies into our lives.

A really useful project that brings cross-chain technology to the ecosystem

I have been following the project for a long time. I like how the team implements what they have planned

Undoubtedly, the project will be useful for the ecosystem by attracting additional liquidity

When implemented, the project has a great chance of success. An entire DeFi cross-chain - sounds great!