OBJECTID Sui Cross-Chain NFT Bridge

In this introductions, we outline the best way to bridge NFTs between any Layer 1 or Layer 2 blockchain with a secure cross-chain NFT bridge OBJECTID . Transfer your digital collectables between layer1 Blockchain (sui) and EVM chains in minutes.

What is OBJECT ID bridge?

OBJECTID NFT bridge is a smart contract that allows for the transfer of NFTs between different blockchain protocols. This enables interoperability between various NFT ecosystems and allows users to trade or use their NFTs on different blockchains.

NFT bridges are important for the growth of the NFT market and the adoption of NFTs as they allow for greater flexibility and usability of NFT.

What Makes Object Bridge Different From Others Project ?
In the era of web3 space, objective bridge aims to make it easier for anyone to make inter-chain transactions including NFTs, most of the nfts cannot be bridged to other networks, object bridge building NFT bridges which are decentralized in nature which means they provide a solution for anyone to easily bridge their nfts with security and backed in accordance with available policies including pegged, meaning they also manage liquidity and audit security. if in other projects they have to register or whitelist NFT contracts, The OBJECTID offers users with a ,SELF-LIST feature, users can list any nft contract easily without having to list the NFT-CONTRACT in OBJECT-ID

How OBJECTID Bridge Works?

NFT Bridging works by way of having NFT tokens self-whitelisted & minted as “Bridged Collections” on the other networks.

Technically, this is how NFT Bridging works: A user deposits an NFT into a Smart Contract of Network A. The NFT gets locked. Afterwards, the user has to get signatures from the oracles who will confirm that the deposit was made in network A. With these signatures, the user can call the same contract in network B where a duplicate NFT will be minted & sent to the user.

If the user wants the original on network A back, the user needs to send the duplicate NFT to the bridge (where it gets burned), ask the oracles again for signatures to confirm that it happened & then call the contract in network A where the original will be released.

You can bridge NFT between any chain in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Visit OBJECTID and connect your sui wallet or third party wallet wallet like suiet wallet or martian wallet.
  • Step 2: Select the NFT (sui devnet) Chain and NFT Destination (testnet) Chain.
  • Step 3: Select the NFT you want to bridge to your destination (testnet) chain.
  • Step 4: Review and confirm/approve the transaction on sui wallet (devnet). Your NFT will arrive in under 5 minutes.


OBJECTID has a 5 core team and 2 of them have experience in some great Blockchain layer 1 ecosystems including shuma, besides that in the AMA we held they said they would Hiring more another team in development to improve security and product manager.but for now they will focus on development in terms of efficiency to make it easier for users to be!



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