NFT ecosystem Your NFT Holder Verification

It sounds like you are building a very interesting and useful tool for the NFT ecosystem. Your NFT Holder Verification solution for Discord will help streamline the management of roles and permissions based on NFT ownership, which can be very useful for projects and communities with a large number of NFT holders.

The ability to assign and revoke Discord roles based on NFT quantity, attributes, and staking is a powerful feature, as is the ability to extract wallet addresses of current holders and provide a user management system that connects multiple wallets and Discord accounts.

Your team’s experience and knowledge in different fields, including web development, data science, AI, and blockchain, will certainly be an asset in developing more tools to help users and NFT projects. The upcoming AI-powered tools you mentioned, such as Wallet Analytics & User Behavior and AI generative art, sound exciting and have the potential to provide valuable insights to NFT projects.

Overall, it seems like you are on the right track to becoming a successful web3 tech company with a focus on building ecosystem tools for the NFT space. Good luck with your endeavors!