MovEX — The First DEX on SUI

MovEX - the first DEX on SUI

MovEX - a community-driven DEX built to provide the best trading and liquidity provision experience for users and project developers.

As we well know, no any chain can sustainable exists without its native DEX.

Exchange of tokens and adding liquidity, an important part of the daily trader and the blockchain!


MovDEX - good project :star_struck:


Interesting project! The project has a good future.


I liked that this project is already working well and without errors.

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Good DEX and info bro,thanks!

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this project looks promising to take all form in one protocol

I like the design and waiting for an update to work some of the features that are currently hovering

I think it will give good results.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best projects out there

very promising project with a great team

a promising project with a chance to become number one in the defi sector

what you like in this project?

I agree, cool project, I hope it will live for a long time