Official Name: MovEX

MovEX is a hybrid decentralized exchange building on the SUI blockchain. It’s hybrid as they aim to merge the traditional AMM model with Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) model together to create a new dynamic liquidity provision known as hybrid liquidity pools. Its mover advantage is, it has an internal settlement engine that distributes liquidity between LPs and CLOBs to ensure capital efficiency.

It’s believed to be a shift in the capital money market on SUI, other projects can plug into the platform and inherently benefit from this pool. It’s popular problem with AMM that everyone knows, higher slippage, front-running, sandwich attack, reason they come up with this model, SUI technology make it possible.

Its other strong product is ILO, Initial Liquidity Offering, The MovEX ILO service is a one-stop solution for project owners. MovEX ILO service allows project builders to select a time period, price ranges, and auction algorithms for initial token sales to maximize the fundraising return.

Last is Intelligent Liquidity Allocation.

TEAM NAME: Pseudonyms (will update later)

Medium: MovEX – Medium
Discord: MovEX

Github: Not yet public(will update after getting more)

Live on devnet.


so far this is my favorite project on sui

work very slow :grimacing:

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