MovEX - DEX on Sui

Official project name: MovEX
Detailed project description:
MovEX is a community-driven organization built to provide the best trading and liquidity provision experience for users and project developers on the Sui ecosystem. The core products of MovEX are

  1. A concentrated liquidity AMM + order book hybrid liquidity Decentralized Exchange (DEX);
  2. Intelligent Liquidity Allocation service, which automatically adjusts liquidity to boost capital efficiency and market-making returns;
  3. ILO (initial liquidity offering) service for project developers which provides customized token launch options to maximize raised funds.

Team names / pseudonyms: Unknown

Link to project website:

Link to project GitHub profile: Unknown

Project Discord Link:
Team Discord contact: AnonymousCrypto#0891

#defi #dex #sui-network #sui-move


Very convenient and useful platform! The project has many benefits. The most significant for me are the hybrid liquidity path, the optimal smart distribution of liquidity, and of course ILO for project owners


this projects seems to be very good


I hope its better Dex for the future…mainly at SUI ecosystem


I’m pleased with its great functionality :+1:

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The project is of good quality and inspires great confidence

Great project! Good team!

My favorite dex on Sui. The project has a strong team. It will take its rightful place in the ecosystem.

Probably one of the first and most promising DEXs in the ecosystem

I like the project. I’ve been following him for a long time. I would like to test it in the mainnet as soon as possible

The project deserves attention. Hybrid Liquidity DEX will allow you to trade with minimal slippage. For me as a user, this is very important.

The project looks good considering its interesting liquidity approach

If the team implements everything planned, then the project will definitely succeed. It is important that DEX will be useful not only to users, but also to other projects from the ecosystem thanks to the settings of the initial liquidity offer

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why did they hide their names ?
strange! :slight_smile:

Great projects …:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: