Monkey Mashup NFTs: A New Collection of Hybrid Creatures

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share an idea I’ve had for a new NFT project that I’ve been thinking about creating. It’s called “Monkey Mashup” and it’s a collection of NFTs that feature unique combinations of different types of monkeys.

Each NFT in the collection would be a different mashup of two or more monkey species, creating new and interesting hybrid creatures. For example, one NFT might feature a gorilla combined with a spider monkey, resulting in a long-armed, powerful creature with a unique appearance.

I think this project would be really fun to create and could offer a lot of creative possibilities for the artwork. It could also appeal to both monkey enthusiasts and fans of creature design.

I wanted to share this idea with you all and see what you think. Would you be interested in collecting these types of monkey mashup NFTs?

thanks for reading,