Mobius the 1st NFT AMM on SUI

Mobius is the 1st NFT AMM on Sui and Aptos. With a community-driven set up and tokenomics, our core objective is to provide users with more holistic NFT trading functions and a smoother trading experience.

Discord: Mobius

The new project claims that they will use new technology and a new NFT Fi mechanism to address the liquidity issues that have been affecting the development of the NFT market.
As an individual trader, the future of NFT liquidity on the SUI ecosystem is of great concern to me. Given that there are already successful innovations for NFT Fi in the ETH ecosystem such as Sudoswap and Blur, I look forward to projects that take advantage of the SUI public chain and MOVE language to create products that surpass the ethereum-related ecosystem in this regard.
The vision that SUI has outlined to us emphasises: "Create more utility into NFTs and store directly on-chain. Ancillary tools are needed to make this vision a reality.
We look forward to Mobius bringing this experience to us and bringing a new NFT Fi experience to us like never before in testnet wave3!


What is NFT AMM? Could anyone explain it to me?

That should be An automated market maker (AMM).
It’s a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that relies on a mathematical formula to price assets. Instead of using an order book like a traditional exchange, assets are priced according to a pricing algorithm.
You could think of an automated market maker as a robot that’s always willing to quote you a price between two assets. In this case it should be a batch of NFTs and SUI token.
Not only can you trade trustlessly using an AMM, but you can also become the house by providing liquidity to a liquidity pool. This allows essentially anyone to become a market maker on an exchange and earn fees for providing liquidity.

AMMs have really carved out their niche in the DeFi space due to how simple and easy they are to use. Decentralizing market making this way is intrinsic to the vision of crypto.


Could anyone tell me how this project works?

Look up, @AlvarezJose_Manuel has given a detailed explanation.

Have you join testnet wave2? I’m very interested but have not see your service before.

this information may be useful!)

Mobius is the 1st NFT AMM on Sui it interesting platform

Can anyone explain to me the mechanics of how this project works?

We should really do something about the liquidity of NFT in the SUI ecosystem, there are already many NFT projects in Testnet, a lot of new NFT projects in other ecosystems have gone silent after Mint, and most people don’t bother to list their NFT that may not be worth much on the exchange. There needs to be a solution to this problem

This is the first time I have heard of this project.
NFT is the most active and major application area in the whole MOVE ecosystem, not just in the SUI chain. If I held dozens of Capy, like I did in testnet wave2. I would also want them to be more than just lying around in my SUI Wallet.
I would be very interested if they could actually make an AMM application on the SUI.

Interesting project, curious to see how they will develop and if such a mechanism will work