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The Meadow Launchpad is a decentralized launchpad that will launch projects on the Sui Network. The Sui network will be one of the most unique Layer 1 networks available, and it is being prepared for the next billion users. Meadow has been in the works for a number of months, and it is at this point poised to cause a ruckus in the industry. The experience that the Meadow teams bring to the table includes working with various prominent incubators as well as top-tier businesses. Before beginning, all projects on Meadow will go through a rigorous process of due diligence to ensure their legitimacy.
Decentralization and community are the ultimate forces driving the economy of Web3, and with Meadow’s innovative launch models, we have blended tier-based allocation with lottery allocation to ensure that all token holders receive a fair share of the rewards. Having said that, we are aware that participation in launchpad IDOs is a high-risk endeavor with the potential for significant financial gain; hence, we retain escrow for project funds in order to protect the principal capital of investors.
Team names / pseudonyms
Sami is the Strategic Coordinator and Advisor at Meadow. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of Celestial Ventures. Sami, who holds a bachelor’s degree in business, has over five years of expertise in crypto, having worked on tier 1 deals, raising millions for start-ups, and has consulted numerous projects.
Sami has also worked with some of the biggest networks on the social media platform Instagram, accelerating their growth with content creation and growing numerous pages organically. Sami has helped those network gain millions of views. Some of the networks he has worked with include, (Endshumour 1m), Fuckboyproblem.s (5m+), (Moist 2m+).
Tommi Karjalainen has joined Meadow as a gaming advisor, an overview of Tommi consists of being a Game Director, Senior Designer Over 14 years of experience in UX, and visual design for digital services and applications. Have been working across a huge range of different brands and companies around the globe. Currently developing a game exclusively for Nintendo with the top talents.
A passionate gamer since 1990 and have a wide knowledge of the game industry. Skills obtained include Visual design, Game design, UX, Quality and usability testing, 3D modeling, IOS, Android, Nintendo ecosystem. Currently a CEO, Game Director Designton Game Studios, Finland Senior Designer, Consultant Futurice
Rene van Dijk will also be a gaming advisor for Meadow, he is a Blockchain specialist, web3 game manager, six-year experience in blockchain technology along with a long history of helping startups and new projects to grow bigger. Rene’s main goal is to change the future of gaming by fixing the gap between web3 and the traditional gaming industry by helping companies to produce high-quality web3 games.
Skills which have been obtained include Web3 gaming, Game development management, Blockchain technology, Marketing, Product Launch and strategy, background CEO Designton AG Game Studio, Swiss, CEO of Xdroids, COO Fox Gaming.
Hamza is part of the legal team for Meadow, with regulations kicking in, it is important to stay within the regulatory framework, Hamza will make sure that Meadow is conducting a smooth KYC/KYB procedure with startups and our partners. He has previously worked at Giant Group as a Corporate Legal Advisor and will validate projects through critical inspection.
Navid is the Chief Marketing Officer at Meadow. In addition to being the CEO of the Persian Army, he has served as a consultant for and marketing leader He has over five years of expertise in crypto and ties to the most influential individuals. Exposure and strategic partners are essential, and Navid’s experience will expedite Meadow’s expansion.
Edi is the Chief Development Officer Game developer, over 4 years with solid experience in team management and coordination of projects with over 50 million installs. He is also the CEO of Hood games Studio, all of the games are published on the Play Store and App Store. Lately he’s been working on blockchain integration and development of projects that rely on Web3.
Kevin - is an Advisor and Market Research Analyst, he is also the founder of Laeline Capital, consulted multiple projects. With a wide spread network and over 3 years of experience, Kevin is also connected overall well which will only benefit Meadow as it expands.
Ken has six years of crypto experience and is the Advisor & Growth specialist at Meadow. He is the Founder of Cryptonewsline, CO-Founder of Celestial Ventures, and Founder of Altbase. He previously worked with the famed boxer Manny Paquio and operated his own enterprises with great success. Ken built a network of over one hundred thousand followers and implemented effective marketing methods that have helped him scale his companies.
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I didn’t realase there was so many launchpads

i think This project will have a great future :star_struck: