Kriya Dex - On-chain spot and derivatives trading infra

About Project:
Kriya is a super-fast derivatives trading DEX. We’ll start off with perps and slowly list options markets in a phased manner as well. This will allow us to build liquidity bottom up and the bear market has given us the privilege of time to build sensibly.
Kriya will be a non-custodial, on-chain orderbook based exchange. With Sui-Move’s parallel processing capabilities and unique consensus we can create front-running resistant orderbooks. We can achieve lower latency by leveraging the unique object architecture to define complex assets and split transactions.

Key Value Propositions:
-Capital Efficiency
-One-click position reversal
-Place orders directly from the option chain
-Multiple order types: IOC, Trailing SL
-Seamless collateral management across multi-legged positions
-Basic mode for retail
-API trading via Chakra Suite
-Non Custodianship and Low fee
-For the foreseeable future, fees will be low thanks to Sui, we’ll try to optimise our order routing till then
-All funds except maintenance margin stay in your wallet.

Tech Lead - Sarthak Rajwanshi
Product and Quant - Aditya Dwivedi
Django on-chain - Kinshuk Kashyap
Full Stack Engineer - Ananya Singh
Tokenomics Geek - Kratik Lodha
Banker - Jash Patwa
Design - Manajit Pal

Website: Kriya DEX on Sui 💧 – Efficacy Labs
Discord: Kriya DEX
Github space is not available


One of my favourite dex on sui👍

maybe it’s will be one of the best)

1000 and 1 dexs, 1000 and 1 doesn’t work well

Hey @Soulllvision
Kinshuk from the Kriya team here. Thanks for making this post!

There have been many updates in the past few weeks, so we’ll make another detailed post about what we’ve been upto - including our perps and spot infra, and how we leveraged sui-move features to reduce gas costs and improve latency. Stay tuned :slight_smile: