Introductions about Scale3Labs

Scale3 is an infrastructure startup especially focused on monitoring and serving blockchain node operators and networks. They are continuously adding support for the most in-demand chains.


Scale3 offers a platform that does all the back-end work and provides direct links for updates, similar to how the average web user updates their apps from the app store. Scale3 also provides a monitoring dashboard that provides real-time updates from blockchain creators.

Scale3 currently supports Mysten Labs’ Sui blockchain on its platform, called Autopilot. Next, it plans to support Ethereum, Solana and Aptos. Muse said Scale3 aims to support the top 10 blockchains over the next six months.

OVERVIEW :mag_right:

Project Sectors : #infrastructure
Product Type : platform
Founded : United States :us:
Raised : 5,300,000 USD :dollar:


:man_beard: OLA MUSE (CEO and Co-Founder)
:man_beard: KARTHIK KALYANARAMAN (CTO & Co-Founder)
:man_beard: JAY THAKRAR (Product & Strategy)
:man_beard: YEMI ADEJUMOBI (Software Engineer)
:man_beard: ROHIT KADHE (Software Engineer)
:man_beard: OBINNA OKAFOR (Software Engineer)
:woman: DAWNIELLE ELLINGTON (Operations)


:globe_with_meridians: OFFICIAL SITE :

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#ecosystem-survey #infrastructure


Are you a writer? I see Your words are arranged neatly. but apart from that good work, hope you can conclude more projects here :clap:


Thanks you :blush: for your appreciation, I am an individual content writer

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Very greats Tooling platform, I also monitor my sui node on scale3, smooth😍

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everything is fine, the idea is just super

this is amazing project this is first time i knownig about it :zipper_mouth_face:

This is SUI project? I think no

Of course projects build in sui in (Infrastructure) you need to explore more about sui ecosystem.

Yes if you run sui Testnet/devnet node you can monitor your node status there

Of course, thank you for sharing your user experience there

You can immediately see a serious technical project. I like

A strong infrastructure project with a serious team. I wish there were more projects like this in the ecosystem

An important project that will improve and facilitate the work of node operators

I like that such projects appear in the ecosystem. A good infrastructure for validators and developers is very important for the normal operation of the network.

It’s great that Sui supports such infrastructure projects. Not every network pays attention to this.

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Right, we need more infrastructure sector on the sui network ecosystems

The project is great, I liked it. I hope he will be on top