Introduction to suiview product by SuiTools

What is suiview product by SuiTools | what’s is suiview and suitools | brief introduction


In the simplest terms possible, suiview by suitools is a supplier of a complete suite of tools to facilitate DeFi trading. It’s important to remember that investors who trade on centralised exchanges have access to stop-loss and limit orders, among other options. This is comparable to stock broker trading.

However, limit orders and stop-loss orders are not offered by any of the decentralised finance exchanges. Of course, a number of upcoming DeFi aggregators have made promises to offer DeFi traders trading tools that are comparable to those found in centralised exchanges. Currently, investors can trade (Sui Testnet & devnet ) from more than 5 DEX (suiswap, movex and many more ) with suiview by suitools multi-chain DEX aggregator.


The STL-ID , the platform’s native ID, powers the DeFi platform known as suiview by suitools. suiview by suitools seeks to provide cutting-edge DeFi tools that let users conduct profitable trades in order to replicate the features of centralised exchanges for decentralised exchanges.

To address this issue, suiview by suitools has created trading capabilities within analytical products with the goal of providing users with a single location where they can meet all of their DeFi demands. The following characteristics are those that suiview by suitools aims to offer:


With the help of this tool, users may examine and follow the progress of their DeFi token portfolio. To produce a precise visual depiction of the user’s portfolio, the system manages this data.


Users may trade more quickly on the sui ecosystem thanks to the suitools, which also ensures that multi-dex routing offers them the best potential price for their trades across several platforms.


With limit orders, traders can buy or sell an item at a specific price. The limit order is watched until the asset’s price permits the trade, at which point the transaction is only carried out.


When the market moves in an adverse direction, a stop loss order is us


STEP 1: Create a sui wallet wallet. Open a sui wallet and create a new account. Press “Create a Wallet” to proceed as you’ll be creating a new account. make sure you choose the devnet network because the testnet is not available for now but you can choose it when the sui wave 3 testnet has started

STEP 2: get sui faucet on discord to your wallet would be the last step before you could really start. This is the token you will need to get because you require SUI (DEVNET/TESTNET) to use the SUI NETWORK TESTNET.

STEP 3: Trade. Go to the or website.

In the top right corner, select Connect Wallet. You can choose your favorite wallet, such as suiet wallet, sui wallet or ethos wallet next Press the “Select Token” button to choose the token you want to trade first. It will automatically calculate the amount of the other token you will receive once you enter the quantity of SUI you intend to exchange for it. If you are happy with the exchange, click “Swap” at this point, and congratulations you have successfully tried and done i, you can also farm/stake tokens there, several updates continue to be made by the suitools team and hopefully it will be released soon with a new version with better and more helpful features.

more about suitools you can reach them via some of the links below ! if you have additional information about suiteools you can comment below! :slight_smile:

officials site :
Useful links available on link3 : SuiTools |
Bug/contact report:
Discord : SUITOOLS#2265

About core team suitools :

Founder : OSAKA T.
twitter : @osakatamika
Enginer/community assistant : RASHEED
Discord : SUITOOLS#2265

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it seems they haven’t redeployed on devnet after the last testnet on the second wave but it really helped i guess suitools so later we can place limit orders too, But let’s see what features will be in the next release. I hope the portfolio feature is fixed because sometimes it doesn’t appear :wink: :droplet:

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great tools i used everytime to make NFT​:rofl: , but unfortunately they closed NFT minter but here are all these tools very helpful because they are the only ones in the sui ecosystem, I hope to see them on the mainnet later! And I hope they reactivate minter’s NFT feature before :pray: And one more thing suitools UI is very good and suitable to be maintained :star:

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