Introducing MoveWallets, connecting into web3 world build for sui network

Brief Introduction

Introducing move wallet, a sui wallet that allows developers to more easily implement a wallet connection to their application with an attractive API, with move wallets developers only need to add a multi-wallets connection to connect with a more selection of wallets that their users-options to connect, Move Wallets connecting into the web3 world

Project Description

as in their previous docs prev, move wallets has a vision of connecting an ecosystem with a new face on the web3 era, Move Wallet Offers easy integration for developers with wallet connections allowing app users to connect to their favorited wallets. apart from that movewallets is also developing a mobile wallet app on their roadmap so this is really interesting we are waiting for it, and recently they announced a massive update on their docs to welcome the wave 3 sui testnet in the next few weeks . *MAKE A NOTE, YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MOVE WALLETS IN THEIR DOCS AND MVP FOR DEV/BUSS DETAILS"

Move wallets will be available supporting almost all wallets on the sui network, they also say that it will reach more wallet developers to publish their API wallet to allow integration, and it will make it easier for users to jump into the sui network with the wallet they already have without having to install additional wallets installations. so it will also have an impact on app developers to integrate move wallet as a connection wallet to reach a more users and provide users with an greats experience for app interaction.

About Team & Contact Information

Move wallet was developed by Alfred and Jerry as founders and developer engineers, and several other teams for the community, they have experience in move, before they also Developing wallets on the move language with already adopted by several wallet providers in sui, and finally they are here to develop move wallets by offering greats appearance. so I think it’s an important value for them to give trust-point for users as well as sui application developers.

You can also find important link to reach out the team and move wallets below :

WEBSITE LINK3 TWITTER you can also contact directly to the team on discord : MoveWallets#5282