Info of Gaggle Studios

Gaggle Studios

Building new social gaming experiences. We Know Social Gaming!
Our team is comprised of industry veterans with a background in everything from mobile app development to location based amusement. We know how to bring people together.
Our team has a passion for creating fun, playable games and we are always looking for ways to introduce people to new social gaming experiences.
A knack for technology. Traditionally, escape rooms allow participants to enjoy an immersive experience in a physical location. Individuals, usually a team of 2 to 10 people,

Shawn - Co-Founder & CEO
Simon - Co-Founder & CTO
Bro McBroGoose - CCO
Ben - Co-Founder & Art Director
Chris - Co-Founder & Technical Director
Terumi - Web & Backend Developer
Anshu - Unity Developer
Taylor - Lead Concept Artist/Illustrator
Nico - Unity Developer
Sarah - Administration
Toomas - 2-D Animator
Callum - Unity Developer
Tex - 2-D Animator
David - 3D Artist
Darren - Extra Senior Engineer
Herbert - Lead Game Designer & QA
Suhail - Unity Developer
Hunter - Junior Developer
Benjamin - Network Engineer
Ana - Junior Developer
Mehul - Blockchain Specialist
Dom - QA & Community Dev
Trevor -Junior Developer
Yifei - Customer Service
Paola - 3D Modeler
Alejandro - 3D Artist
Annie - Customer Service


mail: 17875 VON KARMAN AVE SUITE 150 IRVINE, CA 92614, U.S.A.