How to earn SUI tokens?

cool project!!! highly recommend!
how to earn SUI tokens???



1.Simply open your SUI wallet and click “Request SUI Devnet tokens” or “Airdrop” if you use SUIet. Similar steps in every other wallet.

2.To get additional tokens, visit Sui discord go to #devnet-faucet channel and type
“!faucet your wallet adress” (ex. !faucet 0x12345)


Hello mate! You can easily obtain devnet and testnet tokens through faucet. However, it is not known how to get mainnet’s Sui.

Hello. We are still on the test blockchain, and the mainnet doesn’t launch

for now all you can to di is just use devnet and just trying different protocols and platform,so this will increase you chance to get some drope

Sell the nft collection on belaunch

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