How Can Team eliminate bots in frenemies Game?

2 weeks ago the frenemies game has ended and with the finished of the wave 2 sui network testnet! As you know the winner in the frenemies game hasn’t been announced yet, the team say they are still eliminating bots, but how do you think the team will be able to cleans the bots ? and how do we know that the winner will be the real human and Not a bot ?

How is it possible for bots to be detected?

as far as I know team opened a form on the website after the game was over, they gave 24 hours and how to minimize bots while they also gave more than 24 hours, the owner of the bot will definitely take action quickly to fill out the form manually,So do you think it will minimize bots?

then how can we clean bots?
as a community we need to contribute by providing feedback to the team to solve bot problems in frenemies, s some feedback has been submitted on the discord channel but we never know what the right course of action is for it. whether by looking for the root address because basically a lot of them send sui between their own addresses, so do teams need to clean up addresses related to other addresses to play the game?or is it by detecting addresses that have more sui, more hundreds to thousands of sui tokens? because what we know is if someone has more than 5 to 10 sui in 1 day it’s impossible and they definitely use many discord accounts for spam faucets even those who buy or sell sui they are also the cause of frequent down faucets and faucets not working properly, I think the team also needs to detect where the SUI Testnet token got from! If they got it purely from the faucet and nothing more it is not a problem and most likely is a real human

Do you have any feedback for this? And do you have any ideas to minimize bots? Please comment below, it will be appreciated to help the team clean up the bot!


Perhaps this is impossible to do with any degree of success. :thinking: I’ve seen people boasting about their bots and success rate in Frenemies. Can’t imagine how a regular capy user could compete with their insane capital from the scripted faucet drain. Personally, I only managed to get a few points in the game by sheer luck.

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If you know even they are the ones who have controlled the game, where they collect a lot of SUI from faucets with bots or buying , as we can see they buy thousands of SUI to drive their validator , that action is strictly prohibited in this competition,It was an act of Sybil attack, and they were the ones who had to be taken out.

They will make a bot that will fill out the form :sweat_smile: