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Hello to all,

I’m excited to introduce HOMINIDS, an ambitious project in the web3 and blockchain industry that aims to revolutionize social media. We have created a collection of 9,999 unique NFTs and a 3D metaverse community platform that provides an immersive and social experience for users.

Our NFT collection will be issued on the blockchain and will allow owners to access exclusive perks on the metaverse platform, such as limited collectibles, event perks and more. Our metaverse community platform will be an online social space where users can interact with other users and 3D characters and objects. They will be able to explore different spaces and participate in online social activities.

Our business model is based on several revenue streams, such as the sale of NFTs, targeted advertising, brand partnerships, and the sale of clothing and other merchandise. We also plan to offer premium services to users, such as exclusive content and advanced features.

Our project targets a growing market, especially social media users and digital culture enthusiasts. The competition in this market is currently low, which gives us a competitive advantage.

We have a solid roadmap for the implementation of our project and are ready to take on the challenges ahead to make HOMINIDS a reality. Join our community on Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay informed of our progress.

Website: https://hominids.io/
Social links: https://twitter.com/_hominids_
Our community : HOMINIDS | SUI 💧
Sales platform : https://sui.bluemove.net/launchpad-detail/hominids
Our roadmap : https://hominids.gitbook.io/
WHITE PAPER : whitepaper/HOMINIDS WHITEPAPER.pdf at main · HominidsSui/whitepaper · GitHub



looks intereting, is it possible to try it out already?


Will check it out definitely. But looks like BAYC too much lmao


A hominid is a member of the taxonomic family Hominidae, which includes modern humans as well as all primate species that evolved from the last common ancestor with humans.

What do you make possible with nft in online social space?
I think it would be better if there was a specific example.

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I love you, man. :clown_face: Have a very good day


I had a WL on their Discord through Crew3, then one day I suddenly found that they had changed the rules and canceled the most roles. So many people spend their time on tasks and the project promotion but were deceived… Strange decision and poor communication with the community.

oh sorry mate for your experience, we had to redo the whole system on our Discord, what is your Discord ID?