Hominids - sui nft limited collection


The project is called:
An collection of 9,999 NFT’s Hominids is a culture shift and an extraordinary brand built by ordinary people. A community based metaverse platform, 3D graphic-based new future of social media, Link to it via IOS and Android app.
In a polarized world of winners and losers, heroes and villains, artists and builders, the middle ground has remained barren. It is this terrain that forms the basis of our Era…

An immaculate collection of 9,999 diverse hominids that give you exclusive access to our Era, where together we build a virtuous community that transcends the internet to reach the real world. Through members-only merchandise offers, outdoor campaigns, exclusive live events, and collaborations with independent businesses and world-renowned brands, we are creating a globally recognized, community-centric brand that is a force for good.
My opinion:
This collection of nft is rather unusual, but this is what makes it attractive