Helping to OmniChain solution with Sui's blockchain

I got acquainted with this project some time ago, and I fell in love with this project when I used it on Sui’s blockchain and experienced its user experience! After researching this project, I found out that When Omni Protocol introduces a new application, it needs to obtain permission and assign an application ID through the application manager.Each application in the protocol has a unique ID.Users can select the application they want to use by the application ID to provide liquidity to.
I believe that the future of Web3 users must not be difficult to use Web3 applications, only need to be on an application should be able to operate most of the DeFi applications, and eventually do Web2 users are Web3 users.
But the most beautiful horizon of the project that caught my attention was issue The future of the omnichain mobility protocol is the core of Web3, where most of Web3’s money and applications are gathered, and is the foundation of the Web3 financial system. :slight_smile:
And in general I have to tell you that the OmniChain Liquidity Protocol provides a way to aggregate liquidity for applications, while also giving applications the opportunity to use OmniChain Liquidity.

Official project name :
Team names / pseudonyms : OmniChain
Link to project website / page :
Link to project GitHub profile : OmniBTC · GitHub
Telegram or Discord contact : OmniBTC


yes this project has a secret revolution that can emerge with SUI blockchain. :pinching_hand: :+1:

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That’s right I understand that a big change is coming !
Welcome to the world of Web3 with Sui blockchain …

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I am glad that others understand the importance of this issue

Yes I think we will have big surprises

It seems that this project will have big surprises along with Sui’s blockchain :smiling_imp: :snake:

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yes bigger than what you think :facepunch:

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