Halcyon | Sui Developer Tools

Web3 development studio :rocket: Creating turnkey products for builders and their community :hammer_and_wrench: Currently building on Sui

Website: https://halcyon.builders
Twitter; Halcyon | Sui (@HalcyonBuilders) / Twitter
Discord: Thirsty Monkeys (discord.com)


I love what halcyon is building.
A great project that always put the community first🥤

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Nice project fam. LFG

Thirsty monkey is a very good NfT project I believe it so much in Sui Blockchain and I’m bullish on Sui

I think It’s very nice project and I agree with you

Their is definitely some utility and the project they are working on are looking quite interesting and with Thouny Breasty in the teem it has a lot of potential


You already know,thouny breasty be building :handshake:

Orbital - Halcyon On and On… that about SUI)! listen!

A wonderful project, this project is very good