FRENEMIES,Challenges for Everyone to support every Validators

The game is developed by the Mysten Labs. The mission is enable Web3 individuals and creators to have unprecedented ownership over their own data and content. But the tools to get there don’t exist yet.

Mysten is where the brightest minds solve foundational problems to create tools for the future. We will make web3 secure, reliable and ready for mass adoption.

Game Info:

  • It was designed to test out the staking functionality.

  • You can stake tokens and choose to support validators to compete on the leaderboard.

  • Players will be randomly assigned one of 41 validators, as well as a role: Friend, Neutral, or Enemy in each.

  • There are different roles for every users

  • Neutral: In this role, you may need to adjust the rank of your assigned validator based on the objective rank. It could mean, either you need to lower or upper the rank.

  • Friend: In this role, you have to support your assigned validator by staking your tokens.

  • Here I got the Friend role. So my mission is to stake the SUI tokens in different pool to increase my rank and target goal.

  • If you received the friend role, just stake test SUI tokens in the pool according to the objective shown below.

  • That’s it For fulfilling their goal, players receive 10 points, plus an extra point for each rank their validator attained.

  • At the completion of the testnet, 2,000 allowlist slots will be determined based on the performance of each participant.


I as well enjoyed this challegne. As the author already described the main points and rules of the game, I want to tell some more additional feedbacks from my side : 1) despite some minor bugs, it was easy to understand the rules of the game, to understand the logic where to give your test tokens depending on the role I got, like friend enemy etc. Also it was super interesting waiting for the next round to see if I won or no. Lastly, I want to tell that the test tokens always got within a minute on my wallet so no problem with that. Team, thanks


i very like it <3 I really like the idea of using blockchain to create unique digital assets that can be collected and traded. These games provide an engaging way to interact with NFTs and understand how they can be used in various areas of life.


To be honest, the rules are confusing. What am I supposed to do if I’ve been assigned an “enemy” role? I can’t take a negative number, so my best behaviour is to do nothing? But that would be the same as not interacting. Creative experimentation in gameplay should be encouraged. But Staking only seems to do positive actions, so enemy roles don’t seem to be playable, and it doesn’t seem right to encourage mutual hostility between different Defi projects.


In that case your best course of action would be to elevate pools lower than your enemy pool, elevate them above your enemy.


I participated in this testnet game. An interesting competition with the promotion of levels. I enjoyed it :grinning: :+1:

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a game should be longer as its exciting. especially in end) when everything moves with speed of light) i liked it

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This was a really cool challenge, interesting competition too. I was able to get some points before it ended.

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Nice game!
I have great experience ! To the moon guys!

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I was well enjoyed this challegne. As the author already described the main points and rules of the game.
I realy like it

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a really fun game that made staking fun

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an intriguing game that caused a smile and a little excitement :face_with_spiral_eyes: :money_mouth_face:

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This game is so funny. I obtained a purple Capy.

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It was an interesting challenge but with one drawback. In order to get into the top, you had to have thousands of suis on your account. Well, or have phenomenal luck. Otherwise, it was fun! :grinning: :wink:

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I really liked this game! At first, I did not quite understand the rules, I did not see the “start” button and therefore I missed the round. But, then, I understood everything and was looking forward to the next round to see my results. It’s very exciting! :wink:

Great, addictive game! It wasn’t always possible to conduct transactions, but this is a great opportunity to test the platform.

stimulating nodes is the best thing invented on sui :star_struck:

I played this game. Great experience!

Cool project! It’s very nicely drawn.

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Funny game!
I really liked the cool guys, respect :raised_hands: