Fewcha Wallet: A crypto wallet for Move Blockchains

Fewcha Wallet :droplet:

Fewcha is a web3 wallet that unlocks a universe of applications in Aptos Blockchain.
Fully Secured
You can store, send and swap Tokens & NFTs with Fewcha Wallet
Independent Audit
Fewcha’s safety and security will be thoroughly audited by Verichains Lab
Provide Web3
Fewcha also provides web3 connection for dApps builders to integrate with Aptos ecosystem in a handy way.
Privacy matters
We know privacy is a fundamental human right. So only you can access your wallet. You are in control of your funds at all times.


Lan Pham - CEO
Trong Dinh - CTO

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This wallet has already proven itself in the market. It has many partners. It is convenient, has a clear interface, and is the most secure.