Ethos Wallet - Standardising the future of Sui secured assets

Detailed project description:
EthosConnect is an NPM package that makes it easy to connect a wallet to your dApp on Sui.
With EthosConnect you don’t have to worry about which wallets can connect with your dApp. Any wallet that implements the Sui Wallet Standard 1 will be able to connect to your dApp and when someone developers a new wallet that implements the Wallet Standard it will be able to connect to your dApp with no changes on your part.



Good npm packagé , its easy to implement on any dapp

very nice and user-friendly interface. also loving the explorer page which allows to follow activities in ecosystem. however, during the interaction with various sources, error like gas or unknown error shows up.


I love ethos wallet💜

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I absolutely love this wallet, it’s second only to the sui official wallet.

It’s a good wallet. It brings a lot of cool features from gaming to various nft.

Very convenient and understandable to use a wallet

This wallet perfectly complements the original sui wallet. It has an original design and its own applications inside.

A pleasant application interface and whithin application there is a convenient loogic for interacting with other applications from the wallet

As a biginner user, I found the wallets interface to be simple and easy to understand, and its ease of use was excellent.

The wallet has a pleasant interface, and the logic interacting with other applications from within the wallet i convenient

I used this is walett and found the interface to be pleasant and intuitive. However, I encountered errors with gas when trying to send transactions, wich made using the application difficult. Other than thet everything was good.

The wallet is a great design and excellent responsiveness to user requets. Occasionally, it lags, but this will be fixed.

I encountered a few transaction errors initiality, but after refreshing the page, everething started working properly. The support team was very reesponsive and helpful in resolving the issue, and I havent noticed any lag or problems recently, which indicates that the developers are addressing any bugs

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I like this is wallet, good interface, great job ot team

I used EthosWallet and found its interface to be pleasant and intuitive. However, I encountered gas-related errors when sending transactions, which made using the application difficult. Overall, everything else was good
Good job!

A good competitor for sui wallet turned out. I liked that it has great functionality.

Nice nice nice, very nice Ethos wallet

Great wallet, best ever

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ME to :grinning: ))))

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