Egg World: The first AI enhanced collection on the Sui network


Egg world is a collection of 5663 AI-enhanced utility eggies on sui network. Each eggie will come with a private discord membership, tickets to weekly draw events, priority access to upcoming Eggworld drops, and everything else they are working on.

Eggworld is a web3 project based on sui blockchain divided in different phases, The first step of this mission “The Landing” is the Eggies collection which will be used as a “ticket” to enter Eggworld. As an Eggie holder, you will have access to everything EggWolrd have already built and will be building.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect :

  1. Community : A strong community is the foundation of any successful project

  2. Weelkly prize draw : You will be eligible to a weekly prize draw with amazing rewards

  3. Content : Acces to private channels (Education, Alpha, Security, Partnerships)

  4. Tools : We are developing Web3 tools to make your life easier when navigating and trading DeFi or NFTs (sniping bot, private node and more)

  5. $EGGW : Farm our token with your NFTs

  6. Art : Who doesn’t like to have a beautiful NFT in his wallet?

  7. Phase 2 : Eggies are only the first step…


A more detailed roadmap is available in whitepaper

Discord: EggWorld
Whitepaper: Eggworld wp | PDF Host