Easy first web3 social wallet on Sui

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Easy is social wallet, is the perfect gateway to web3. It combines user-curated profiles with social discovery features to help users navigate and discover the world of web3. We offer full cross-chain functionality and a community-sourced rating system, Signal, to protect users from scams and risks that can be pervasive in web3.
Working together to launch Easy on Sui in the coming months and enable the Sui community to discover together all the new projects and experiences that will be available in the Sui ecosystem. We can’t wait to see the amazing things that creators and developers will build on Sui.

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https://twitter.com/doughertym co-founder and CEO
Talented and experienced team of engineers, designers, and operators from companies like Airbnb, Apple, Disney, Google, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, MetaLab and iHeartMedia

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