Dragon SUI | The leading NFT Marketplace on Sui Blockchain

In my opinion, this project is a special design for the individual and the language given with Market NFT.
Users can get quick & easy access to digital collectibles, explore & trade NFTs from different collections & artists.

Official project name :

Dragon SUI

Detailed project description :

The NFT Marketplace on Sui Blockchain. Home to the next generation of digital creators. Discover the best NFT collections.

Team names / pseudonyms :

Frankie - Hieu Dao - Brian Nguyen

Link to project website / page :

Link to project GitHub profile:


Telegram or Discord contact :


I accept ! I really enjoyed it too

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It is clear from the name what kind of project it is :japanese_ogre:

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:saluting_face: Sounds good, I’ll definitely try it

Its good market place on sui but currently staking is available in dragon sui nft marketplace

Useful information, good luck with the project!

A good project :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: It will always remain No. 1 in the future

I liked the interface. Looks very nice

Great platform for creating NFTs, entire collections and trading. I am actively following the project.

The platform contains all the necessary functions for the NFT: NFT creation, marketplace, launchpad, etc. I like it

Quick and easy access to digital assets. I love this platform.

Everything for working with NFT in one place. Very comfortably

Lovely UI. I also like the way the team is doxxed, very trustworthy

It has amazing plans :heart_eyes: but it is not perfect yet

this project name is wonderful an that site design

Wow, Dragon ! :dragon_face:
what a great project that would be … :star_struck:

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