Did you know that Zokyo is a leader in Web3 cybersecurity?

:boom:Official project name: Zokyo :boom:

Detailed project description:
Zokyo secures, builds, and funds legendary Web3 companies.

Zokyo (“augment” in Japanese) keeps pace with your in-house development team and provides blockchain security, design, and development talent to startups and enterprise organizations as needed. As a go-to web3 security, development, and investment partner working with some of the most progressive companies since 2019, Zokyo’s team is highly experienced in tackling some of the most challenging problems with an entrepreneurial spirit.

With immediate access to in-demand skills ranging from security auditing, cryptography, white-hat hacking, mathematical specifications of network design, UI/UX design, QA, and full-stack engineering, Zokyo helps legendary companies accelerate time to market and achieve their goals on time and on budget. Their clients demand and deserve best-in-class security and engineering support. As such, Zokyo’s team is committed, passionate and proud to build a more secure Web3 future.

Team names / pseudonyms:
Hartej Sawhney :heart:
Ira Mychak :orange_heart:
Andrei Stefan :green_heart:

Link to project website / page:
Zokyo :speech_balloon:

Telegram or Discord contact
Twitter: Zokyo (@ZOKYO_io) / Twitter :writing_hand: