DeFight P2E β€” there is nothing more than fight! πŸ†

DeFight embodies the competitive spirit of martial arts fighting β€” excel over your opponents in close combat, earn rewards for every victory, prove yourself to be worthy of being on the top of the leaderboard. DeFight is the novel, innovative approach towards shaping the way martial arts are represented in the video game format. Unlike the predominantly arcade-forward fighting, DeFight immerses players into the highly skill-based simulator that elevates the idea of β€œeasy to learn, hard to master” to the next level.

DeFight allows you to control every muscle and joint of the body of your fighter, allowing you to take the fullest control over the design, technique, and outcome of the brawl. Declassify your opponent with style by decapitating him in one single swoosh-sweep of the leg. Or contend in a long-winded, strenuous wrestling battle to the bitter end. You are wielding the most flexible system designed to endow players with unbridled freedom and visceral feedback.

Every move in the game follows true to reality physics-based interactions making every confrontation unpredictable and unique. DeFight follows a turn-based style of combat that allows players to tactically decide on the next move. The beauty of the system is that every move is to be weighed not only on the side of the player but also based on the opponent’s tacit decision. Each corresponding move can trigger a potentially irrevocable chain of events, escalating every fight to the apex of intrigue, and thrill!

Skill is the only denominator for a victorious outcome in DeFight! Practice makes perfect is the cornerstone of DeFight therefore every player is on the even ground and the outcome is decided purely by the ability to adapt, utilize your environment, and predict the movements of your opponent.

Every fight rewards players commensurably. Those victorious reap greater rewards in the equivalent native currency called POV. With each consecutive win players garner and accumulate POV that then can be spent on cosmetic items of various rarity and quality. Items are EXCLUSIVELY cosmetic and decorative, they don’t influence the core gameplay mechanics in any way, and only are indications of hard work and skilled mastery!

DeFight is here to revolutionize the way fighting games are structured with the help of asset tokenization and decentralized blockchain infrastructure. DeFight aims at instituting an economic incentive that rewards users with the native currency of the game for each fight. These then can be spent on in-game items, traded on the exchange, or staked for further rewards. In this way, DeFight is ideally suited for the GameFi schema by encouraging and increasing the stake of each brawl!

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