CyberMove - Discover Connections & Build Your Great Community With CyberMove

What is CyberMove?

CyberMove is a platform that enables anyone to discover web3. CyberMove curate unique, seamless, interactive experiences that enable anyone—regardless of skill—to explore the magic of web3. These are known as Quests.

Quests show users how to use and further explore Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3 Gaming, Web3 Social, Layer2 Scaling Solutions, and everything in between.

How To Get Started?

First, you need to connect your wallet as a login option, you can select multiple wallets that you like, I recommend sui wallet for a more secure experience! click connect, there will be a prompted to connect, click approve, then there will be a second prompt for the signature approval as well as click approve.

You will be referred to a profile page to describe details about your profile, you can leave this blank if it’s optional. Click continue and start exploring, you can also make quests if you are the founder of a project or community , just click the create button which is on the right side on the BAR.

About Team Contact
Cybermove Founded by Alves Ferdy, with some teammates for front development, they also said they applied for Sui Grant Programs last year’s in the first round but unfortunately they were not selected. if you have questions about cybermove you can talk directly, they are very welcome for community DISCORD: cybermovehq#3270 , TELEGRAM: @cybermoveHQ

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