CETUS - swap, bridge, pools on Sui and Aptos



CETUS deserve to be mentioned, sad I’m not the first to talk about it


Swap, earn and build on the pioneer MOVE-based liquidity protocol.


дуже крутий проект Cetus


Cetus offer several potential benefits over centralized exchanges, including increased security, privacy, and transparency. Since users retain control over their private keys and funds, there is no risk of a centralized exchange being hacked or compromised. Additionally, transactions on Cetus are usually faster and cheaper than those on centralized exchanges since there is no need for intermediaries to process trades.

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a project with a stunning design and user-friendly interface

If there was Sui? Wow i dont know it

I’ve seen a lot of sites, but I immediately liked cetus for its extensive functionality and balanced operation of the site. It is convenient and easy to use. In my opinion this site is greatly underestimated.

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Impressed with the design and Clmm pools. I can earn fee from pool range. Thank team.

It’s easy to use, it’s easy to swap, it’s easy to earn in pool it’s Cetus

Cetus is a pioneer DEX and concentrated liquidity protocol focusing on Move-based ecosystems like Aptos and Sui. It works as a crucial part of the ecosystem infrastructure to satisfy the comprehensive needs of traders, LPs, upper applications and an increasing DeFi population.

What is concentrated liquidity?

Liquidity in a common AMM is distributed uniformly along the entire price curve (0, ∞). In comparison, concentrated liquidity is the liquidity allocated within a specified price range. A concentrated liquidity protocol like Cetus allows liquidity providers to contribute their liquidity within their custom price ranges.

Which blockchain is Cetus built on and why choose it?

Cetus was originally built on Aptos and will expand to other Move-based blockchain networks as it progresses. Aptos is a newborn layer1 blockchain that is full of potential and ambitions. It jumps out of the box that EVM ecosystem has created and pursuits the new gen of blockchain network with superior scalability, speed and robustness. Move is a new programming language designed for smart contract coding that enables developers to directly focus on digital assets and the safe operation while coding. There is huge potential behind the fast growth of both Aptos blockchain and Move developer community**.**

What major benefits can Cetus bring to this ecosystem?

Capital efficiency is the first thing that Cetus can redefine for this ecosystem, which is powered by its concentrated liquidity algorithm. Both liquidity providers and traders can benefit from this. By concentrating liquidity in an active price range, LPs can earn transaction fees more efficiently. Traders can enjoy low-slippage trading around the spot price during their swaps. In addition, developers can easily build their own products and tip into the most efficient liquidity source of Cetus by integrating with its openly-accessible smart contracts and SDKs.

What wallets can we use to interact with Cetus?

All mainstream Aptos wallets will be supported by Cetus one by one. So far, we have supported Martian, Petra, Pontem, Fewcha and Spika on Cetus user interface.

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Pioneer DEX and Concentrated Liquidity Protocol built on SUI blockchain #SuiBuilderHero

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Been in the project for a long time. I like the fact that the team keeps improving and improving the horse. all clear

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Cetus is a pioneer DEX and liquidity protocol built on Aptos and Sui blockchain. It focuses on delivering the best trading experience and superior capital efficiency to DeFi users through the process of building its concentrated liquidity protocol.

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