1. Official project name: CETUS

  2. Detailed project description
    Cetus is a pioneer DEX and concentrated liquidity protocol focusing on Move-based ecosystems like Sui. It works as a crucial part of the ecosystem infrastructure to satisfy the comprehensive needs of traders, LPs, upper applications and an increasing DeFi population.

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great project, it’s easy to swap , faming


I’m also following the project. I am looking forward to the release of the product and hope that the team will succeed !


Great dex on sui can do smooth transaction


I’ve been waiting cetus swap and liquidity farming on Wave 2 and this guys didn’t dissapoint. Even with overload on chain - everything was smooth! Project already working with other move language blockchain (APTOS) and has a lot of MM and bridge assets solutions.

Also they have crew3 activity for commynity.
There are lot of variants for activities and I hope this project will be grateful for support from community!


Cetus the first purely CLMM-based DEX with strong accessibility and Concentrated liquidity would not be an unfamiliar concept for sophisticated DeFi players, especially for those who come from Ethereum ecosystem. It has been a hot topic in the last two years and has become a crucial part of the entire DeFi infrastructure, which helps DeFi players boost their capital efficiency and dramatically improves flexibility and composability for DeFi. However, for users from new ecosystems like SUI.


It’s not a bad project :zap:. Their platform has a lot of liquidity pools and exchange mode, which is very convenient.


I liked everything about this project. The site is nicely designed, the way everything works and in the most popular networks. Sui is next! :wink:

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Nice and easy to understand project. I like it :slight_smile:

Cetus is a pioneer dex and liquidity protocol built on SUI blockchain.
Very easy to use , fast transactions
Cetus has launched alot of liquidity pools

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Following this project. Nice


Люблю это комьюнити :heart: :heart:

This project looks very promising

Tested the application. Very convenient to use

Clear and simple interface. Great community.

Works fast. A very important quality for DEX

For me as a user, it is important that the project minimizes slippage thanks to the technology of concentrated liquidity

I like that the platform has many liquidity pools

I like this, easy to use with cheap fee and fast

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Cetus is #1 DEX platform on SUI blockchain

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