Capy.AI Testnet the new game using Technology Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Capy.AI — Launching today on Sui’s TestNet Wave 2

What do you get when you combine the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with crypto? In this case, an interesting project that takes the abundance that AI facilitates with digital art, and wraps it in the scarcity that crypto facilitates with digital assets. This creates a fun experience that involves important blockchain possibilities like ticketing, digital verification, and voting.

Capy.AI takes the Sui Capys project, a great NFT project built by the team at Mysten Labs on Sui’s developer network (DevNet) that explores adorable Capybara NFTs derived from “DNA” that can be bred together to create new NFTs (learn more here). Capy.AI makes it possible for the owner of each Capy to use their own creativity to give it some more unique life.

The ease of this style of art, where anyone can create art through simple text prompts, makes artistic explorations enormously accessible. At the same time, this widespread accessibility has a commoditizing effect on the art. Right now, thousands of AI images are generated in various Discord servers and they’re never used beyond that initial spark of curiosity. There is an abundance of digital art thanks to AI, but that abundance gets lost in all the noise without adding much value outside of satisfying the curiosity of the creator.

Crypto, on the other hand, gives us the ability to create scarcity from digital abundance. Why would you want to create scarcity from abundance? Scarcity can give more significance to an abundant resource. With crypto we can create experiences, such as elections and contests, that make the abundant digital art more unique and special the same way winning contests in the real world give more distinction to the winners.


After read this topic My information really leveling up, thank you, it was very useful

After read this topic my information really leveling up, thank you it was very useful :slight_smile:


this project will open wide horizon with unlimited use case.

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Ye, Capy one of the oldest project on Sui. I like this cute NFT, and i hope in the future they are take basement place on SUI blockchain :smiley: