Cap NFT $CAP Collection

  • Official project name: Cap NFT $CAP

  • Detailed project description: CAP is an NFT collection that emerged as a result of the curiosity of how our concepts of characters, events and places in the novels we read are shaped in everyone’s imagination. The artwork has been drawned by artificial intelligence in the traditional novel and realitsic style . While these nft owners are breaking new ground in transforming the novel characters into nft by visualizing them by artificial intelligence, 60% of the sales to be obtained from the limited edition crime and punishment novels to be created with this nft collection will be distributed to the nft owners.

  • Link to project:
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Anticipating :100:
It is a thing of Joy to be part of a Great Team that is taking th Web3.0 towards perfection on the #SuiBlockchain❤️

Kudos to the team :fire:

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Capy nft was fun too.

I agree, very interesting collection.