BUZZ - Where Money Meets Social | LAUNCHING SOON #SUI - Get Whitelisted

Introducing BUZZ, a wallet designed to do it all in one app. A community app for investing in crypto, NFTs, and all tokenized assets. BUZZ launching soon, coming to Sui ecosystem.

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Multichain #Sui #Sol #AVAX + more to integrate

Start your journey to financial freedom with the help of your community. Check out the social feed to see what people are buying and selling. Chat with the community of the asset you want to know more about. With Buzz, you can even send and receive money instantly!

Blockchain technology helps to improve the banking experience by making transactions more efficient and trustless. Fewer middlemen and better technology mean better returns. Only you can access your money, not even the government. It is 100% yours.

The growth of tokenized assets is forecasted to increase threefold within the next four years, bringing significant benefits to individuals. Through tokenization, individuals will now have access to fractional ownership of assets that were previously limited to the extremely wealthy.

Social networks provide faster access to information, transparency, networking opportunities, and new investment opportunities. Unlike stocks, tokenized assets foster a sense of community. There is a buzz around tokenized assets, and we couldn’t do it without social media.

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nice info btw, just wondering what actually they are building